I am Laura

Photographer & Traveller

Country girl from the south.
I believe in karma.
I am a chatterbox.
I laugh more than usual
after a glass of wine.
I love the summer rain .
Especially the way
the air smells right after.
I always like to spread the joy
and share the fun which I have in my life.

Hello lovely people,
How nice that you are here and that I can take you along on my journey.
Are you happy with what you are doing? How often do we have dreams that are simply overshadowed by daily life? Too often we take the safe road and miss out on living our dreams. So when I was in my early 30s I finally grabbed my camera and set off on my own little adventure.

But first of all, who am I actually:

As a country girl in search of harmony, having grown up in sunny Freiburg, I moved to the somewhat cooler north a few years ago where I learned ”Hochdeutsch”. I quickly fell in love with the hamburger lifestyle and met the love of my life.

We all each have our own story to tell.
I love making people happy. Due to my open personality, I adjust to new people and situations very quickly, I am completely focused, I sparkle with ‘joie de vivre’ and also like to dance with my camera on the dance floor until the very end of a wedding or an event. That is my passion in a nutshell. To capture those special ‘goosebump moments’ to be kept for eternity.

To me, photography is simply magical.
Our world is increasingly hectic and fleeting and so all the lovely memories fade faster and faster. We need a lot more of those ‘goosebump moments’. Let us work together to capture your very own story. Without my better half, I would never have dared to dream my big dream. We both love good food and wine with friends, we love meeting new people, we love experiencing new cultures and we celebrate life together. If we were ever to settle down elsewhere, it would be in Indonesia.

The highlight: We are also available as a double package!
Rosi (Khouzama) lives, loves and celebrates music. As a gifted DJ and musician, he will make everyone break a sweat with his hot beats, all the while I will be capturing your greatest moments.

That is my story, briefly put.

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